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9 grams coffee truck

Eine maßgeschneiderte Piaggio APE, an der Kaffee- und Gebäckspezialitäten vom unabhängigen deutschen Röster Woodgrouse und der Handwerksbäckerei Albatross angeboten werden.

9 grams coffee truck is a vintage customised Piaggio APE truck of two sides. on the one side we offer speciality coffee and pastries from small independant german roaster Woodgrouse and berlin artisan bakery Albatross, walk around to the other side and you’ll find prosecco and donuts for when you need that little extra treat a little later in the day. Everything we do is environmentally friendly, sourcing the coffee beans from the farmers, using small independant suppliers and using reusable and recyclable products from cups through to napkins. This is speciality coffee served with style and most importantly a freindly smile. weighed, measured and made with love.

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